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A tenor for all occasions / Un tenor para toda ocasión

Earl Rivard has a passion for music and storytelling. Throughout his life, he has pursued and cultivated these two loves. He shares his gift of song and powerful life testimony in an ever-broadening arena of retreats, concerts, podcast interviews, and religious conferences. He believes that music has a tremendous power to unite, and that sharing in the celebration of personal stories has the power to transform lives.

Earl was almost completely blinded in an auto accident with a drunk driver when he was only four months old. His own story unfolds from that tragic moment. It is a story of being led through times of tremendous doubt and darkness into restoration, reconciliation, and an ever-deepening relationship of trust and intimacy with God. 

Earl believes that each person has a unique and amazing story to tell; and that God is leading each of us on a marvelous and unrepeatable journey. 

Although blind, his voice sees the passion in every song. Whether serenading an intimate gathering or filling a church with his powerful voice, the depth, skill, and passion of his story and voice never fail to captivate his audience. 

Whatever the setting, whatever the style, whatever the moment, it is always more memorable with his remarkable voice as a part of it. Earl Jon Rivard is a tenor for all occasions.

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